TICA registered, Purebred, pedigreed.


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Our lines originate in Eastern Europe and have been chosen for their feral look, larger size and and Maine Coon personalities.

Wir sind eine vereinsangehörige und verantwortungsvolle Hobbyzucht, die viel Wert auf Gesundheitsvorsorge und somit Gesundheit der Tiere legt.

The primary patterns of silver Maine Coons are solid, torties and tabby. Maine Coon. Mar 27, 2023 · A grey tabby Maine Coon has a warm fawn undercoat with a light grey background and deep grey markings.


. info@gentlegiantcats. Within this color category, you will find various combinations, such as a red tabby white Maine Coon, or a silver tabby white Maine Coon cat.

Males are usually larger than females. A (non-silver) tabby must have at least one parent that is either a shaded or a tabby.

Classic Blue Silver Tabby.

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A Maine Coon Silver tabby or a Silver tabby cat Maine Coon has a pale silver base color. 14.

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Classic Blue Silver.

Maine Coon cats are moderately active. . Cats and Kittens, Maine Coon.

Age: 11 weeks. 3. . Truly stunning. The Maine Coon is the only longhaired cat native to America and one of North America’s oldest. The tabby patterns on a Silver tabby Main Coon can be wide and broad or the striping could be thin that resemble a tiger’s stripes.


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Silver Tabby Maine Coon.

Silver Tabby Color Class SILVER TABBY (classic, mackerel, ticked): ground color pale, clear silver.


Some have gold or reddish tones that shine through in the light, while others are on the other end of the spectrum, with purplish-blue hints in their coat.